Sunday, November 11, 2007

The WGA sends an e-mail announcing tomorrow is "bring your children to strike" day. It's a tough sell to my five year old, even though I've told her there's an off chance she could meet a staff writer on "Carpoolers."


Dirtyword said...
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Cathy L. said...

I brought my 4-year old to FOX on Friday. Combining the variables of a parent-teacher conference that ended at 10 AM, taking the bus from Santa Monica, the bus route being diverted because Avenue of the Stars was closed, and the, let's say, uneven walking pace of a 4-year old, we made it there by 11:30. She was still a big hit with her homemade sign: Side A: My mom works hard. Side B: I need a new pair of shoes.

P.S. - The even longer walk back to the farther-away bus stop, in tandem with the approaching hour of a much-needed (yet completely dismissed by her) nap, was agonizing.

One bus ride highlight: My daughter pointed to a guy with a bandana-like wrap on his head, who seemed to be napping, himself, and said, really loudly, "He must be a pirate."