Thursday, February 21, 2008

What was learned from the writers' strike

There's an alternate spelling to the name Patrick.

We stuck together and won something. I think.

We may never find out how "Carpoolers" end.

Walking back in forth for a few hours really doesn't count as exercise.

As a rule SAG members are more attractive than WGA members.

It was best not to discuss the intricacies of the issues for the strike.

There are a whole lot of white guys in the WGA

If you say to someone, oh, you write movies, be prepared to be corrected (yeah, I write features)

It would be easy to think that Obama `08 stickers are standard issue on a Prius.

Most days, speaking with fellow strikers, was like sitting next to a nice person on cross country flight: You may never see him or her again, but it was very pleasant.

There seem to be fewer jobs out there.

It's a challenge to turn your pilot that isn't going anywhere into a "webisode."

It's hard to pull off the hipster look once you hit 40.

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